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At RND Automatic we have full 3D design and manufacturing facilities, including electric cabinets, pneumatic and hydraulic design and manufacturing and PLC/HMI/Robot software development capabilites.

Our portfolio includes semi-automatic and automatic assembly machines, manual assembly fixtures, test equipment and machinery retrofits. We also provide PLC programming services to our partners to improve existing machinery.

From blank sheet to end product

Our production facility is well suited for manufacturing small and medium sized special purpose machinery, including assembly, cabling and programming. With a team of young and ethusisat engineers and technicians we are ready to design and manufacutre the very best special purpose machine for our partners'.

Design & Manufacturing

Design and manfacturing go hand in hand. At RND Automatic, the design and manufacturing departments work together to ensure both quality and reliability of our products.

All our parts and products undergo extensive quality control before they reach the assembly phase. The main reason for the strict quality control is to prevent errors or an any delay in the project timeline.


The assembly department consists of qualified technicians, with vast experience in the industry.

Assembly takes place under strict supervision of the design department to ensure the quality of the final product and also to timely detect any mistakes in design and improve the machinery without affecting the project timeline.


The automation department is the oldest department in the company. With vast experience in the industry, with both old and new technologies, the automation department is ready to make the most of any machinery by any possible software improvement.

Our partners speak for ourselves. The automation department has outstanding results, with world class programming skills we have made better machinery of our own machinery but also of our partners machinery.

Commissioning and Production Assistence

During the commissioning phase at least one representative of each department will travel with the machinery to our partner. The goal is to make sure the machine is reassembled correctly and set up properly before the machine enters production.

Our personnel is also available for post-commissioning production assistence if the partner requires it.

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