Special Purpose Machinery

Our main activity at RND Automatic is designing and manufacturing special purpose machinery for our partners. With experience in a vast amount of industries we are ready to build any special purpose machinery for your needs. Each of our machinery are built, assembled by hand and tested by our qualified technicians under strict quality control.
In addition to manufacturing special purpose machinery we also manufacture and assemble individual parts under the same quality standard.

  • Automative
  • Electronics
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Home appliance

At RND Automatic we are ready to support you from your products early stage with the design and manufacturing of semi-automatic or automatic production equipment. Our team of engineers are ready to develop individual solutions for efficient pre-assembly of sub groups and final assembly of your products.
Our capabilities range from simple assembly fixtures and jigs to semi-automatic or fully automated assembly lines, including robotized assembly.

With experience in the highest industrial testing standards we are ready to design and manufacture dedicated automatic or semi-automatic testing machinery for your products. The testing equipment are destined for use in production enviroments.
Our testing equipment can include torsion tests, leak tests, flow tests, electrical tests, automated optical inspecion, 3D dimensional measurment or any other specific test required for your product

At RND Automatic we develop automated material/product handling systems for use during the production cycle. Our material handling systmes aim is to increase productivity and decrease personel need.
Our products range from automated loading and unloading systems to automated transfer of parts between production workstations. We are ready to design and implement automated material handling systems, including robotized systems for your production equipement.

Sometimes , rather than a complete new machine , a retrofit is perfect to get an older machine performing better than anytime. An older machine may be very capable but old electronic equipment may make it unreliable and hard to maintain. A full control system retrofit will give new life to your aging machine.
At RND Automatic we are ready to assit you into choosing the right control system for your old machine and also design and implement the new control system into your old machinery. Our retrofit experience includes a wide vareity of machinery from small assembly machines to complex CNC machines.

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